November Fishing Report

November started to bring some cold fronts into our area and had the fish on the move. Redfish were plentiful throughout the month and were caught everywhere from the mangroves to offshore wrecks. Sea trout, mackerel, and lady fish were caught throughout the month while working the deeper edges of the sand bars and oyster bars using spoons and jigs. When the wind allowed us to get offshore the fishing was very good. Fishing charters caught a lot of snapper, and grouper off of the offshore wrecks. The occasional cobia would swim through while fishing, and while running to or from fishing spots we saw and caught some really nice sized triple tail.

Late November the fish started moving towards their winter time patterns leading to shrimp fishing around docks and catching plenty of sheepshead, and black drum. With Christmas right around the corner don’t forget to call today and get your loved one a gift card for a day that they will never forget.

October Fishing 2019

This October stayed very warm as we finish off the month with 90 degree temperatures. Its still warm, sunny and beautiful here in Southwest Florida. This hasn’t slowed down the fish from moving into their fall patterns. My October fishing charters were consistent throughout the month. My clients caught a lot of mangrove snapper, snook, jack crevalle, trout, and spanish mackerel throughout the month.

October was pretty windy throughout the month only allowing us to run offshore a few times. We were rewarded when we did make it offshore, with constant action and a big variety of fish. The triple tail are showing back up along the coast and then while fishing nearshore structure, we had no shortage of snapper and grouper to keep us busy. The king fish are showing back up on the structure as well and while looking for kingfish we even landed an African Pompano. That African Pompano was a first for me and was a very cool experience I won’t soon forget. There were also huge Barracuda patrolling the structure that were caught while trolling lures over the structure. These fish are extremely aggressive and cause huge explosions on top of the water while chasing the moving lure.

We also started our holiday gift card sale this week. If you purchase a gift card for a half day fishing charter ($400) you will receive a gift card for a 6 hour fishing charter ($550). Thats a $150 savings, these gift cards will make an excellent gift that will be remembered for a lifetime. If you want to experience the best fall fishing that Southwest Florida has to offer, book your trip today.

September Fishing

September is a notoriously slower month for fishing charters, as everyone is ending summer vacations and the kids are getting back to school. Some time off was taken to relax and get the little things fixed on the boat before busy season starts again. The fishing in September has been excellent. We noticed big shift at the end of the month with northern winds and less humidity bringing cool mornings and comfortable days. This shift got the redfish schooled up in huge numbers. On the fishing charters lucky enough to find the needle in the haystack (school of redfish) we were able to take advantage of unbelievable fishing. Every rod with bait would go off at the same time with oversized redfish leading to multiple double, triple, and quadruple hook ups. At times 32″ redfish were being reeled in as quick as possible just to be tossed back and a new bait put on to catch another fish immediately.

On the trips that we didn’t find the schools of redfish, we were still able to catch plenty of single redfish in the mangroves. We also had exceptional snook and trout fishing too. For the clients wanting to catch something for dinner, we had no trouble filling the cooler with mangrove snapper. Book your trip soon for fall redfish and beautiful weather.

Inshore Slam’s

The theme throughout August and the first few days of September has been the inshore slam. An inshore slam is catching a snook, redfish, and trout during the same trip. Nearly every fishing charter last month has lead to catching an inshore slam fairly easily, this is a very exciting accomplishment for anyone who fishes.

There have been plenty of big redfish throughout Southwest Florida. We are still managing to catch a good amount of decent snook and the trout are plentiful. Fishing charters have also been finding huge schools of jack crevalle, lady fish, trout, and spanish mackerel. These fish put up great fights, and provide nonstop action from the time we arrive until the time we leave. Last but not least the fishing charters have also been catching plenty of mangrove snapper that are delicious to bring home for dinner.

On a side note, it is stunning and very encouraging to see the difference a year can make. Last year at this time there was a terrible green algae/red tide crisis that was destroying the Southwest Florida ecosystem with major fish kills. Thanks to FWC taking quick action and closing snook, redfish, and trout seasons; paired up with less water releases from “Lake O” we have seen an unbelievable recovery to our waterways. It is amazing how resilient mother nature is, and I’m personally excited to see what the next few years brings with continued focus on conservation and recovery of our fishery.


Feeling very grateful for a completely different August than last year. Our water is clean and beautiful plus the fishing remains excellent; just about the opposite from last years struggles. Our fishing is second to none right now with almost every species being an option.

Fishing charters wanting to target fish for dinner have been very successful with mangrove snapper and spinach mackerel. There are plenty of snapper around and they can be caught by fisherman of any skill level with a little patience. They also make a delicious dinner and are ready to cook after I fillet them for you.

Many fishing charters recently have been getting their inshore slams with ease. This means catching snook, redfish, and trout in the same day. We are seeing huge schools of sea trout, lady fish, and jack crevalle chasing bait around making for non stop action and excitement. There has been a ton of success targeting redfish in the mangroves. They have moved into the area in full force and we have been catching everything from 20″ redfish to well over 30″. Snook are still near the passes in huge numbers and sizes. Last but not least there are still juvenile and large tarpon in the area. They are not here in huge numbers but we have still been seeing tarpon caught with success.

Whatever route you choose to go for your fishing charter you won’t be disappointed. The fish will come early and often this time of year, so book now.

End of July

July fishing has been nothing short of amazing. The water is clean and beautiful and fishing has been second to none, with an emphasis on snook. We have been doing a combination of fishing around structure, such as docks and bridges, and drifting near the passes in order to target snook. Each fishing charter has been producing a lot of average sized snook, with plenty of opportunities for landing a trophy fish as well.

The red fishing has also been great. They can be targeted in the same spots as the snook, or specifically targeted in the mangroves when the tide is high. The fishing charters have also had big success with nice sized trout while fishing the flats. Many times while drifting the flats catching trout we have been finding large schools of jack crevalle and lady fish. These fish have kept the drags screaming while waiting on the tide to change and getting back to snook fishing.

Last but not least, for my fishing charters wanting to bring some dinner home, we have been targeting mangrove snapper and having a lot of success. Those have been targeted by drifting over structure in 20-30′ of water with live bait. Some snapper by catch has been gag and red grouper as well. This month has been excellent with many fishing charters getting an inshore slam while still having time either catch snapper for diner or go to the beach to relax. Take advantage of the best this fishery has to offer and book a fishing charter now.

First half of July

I can’t say enough about the fishing right now. The bite has been unbelievable over the last few weeks. My fishing charters have been focused on fishing near the passes. There are huge numbers of snook and redfish being caught in and around the passes lately with plenty of big ones mixed in. We have also spent some time fishing the mangroves and catching good numbers of redfish from the mangroves.

We have also been catching huge numbers of trout and ladyfish as well. often times catching them two and three fish at a time. For charters that want to go shark fishing we will then use the ladyfish for bait and have been catching good numbers of black tip, spinner, and sand sharks. Last but not least, for the fishing charters that are interested in bringing home dinner, we have had a consistent mangrove snapper bite. Book your trip now and see the best fishing Southwest Florida has to offer.

End of June

As we settle into our full summer pattern of hot humid mornings and evening thunderstorms the fishing has been phenomenal. Big snook and redfish have moved inshore to breed and they have not been disappointing. My recent fishing charters have had a blast catching one snook after the next with the occasional BIG one mixed in. We have also been finding big healthy redfish, trout, snapper, and hungry jack crevale mixed in. July is shaping up to be a busy month with excellent fishing. Book your trip today and lets go mark that fish of a lifetime off of your bucket list.

June 5th-19th

June has started exactly how it is supposed to and it has not disappointed. Big snook and redfish have moved into the passes in full force. We have had multiple fishing charters with 30 or more snook caught. Most of which are really healthy fish in the 6-9 lb range with much larger fish mixed in.

There are still some hungry tarpon in the area as well. A nice surprise has been seeing some big trout showing back up too. My fishing charters have also been doing well fishing the mangroves for mangrove snapper. Last but not least, there are plenty of ladyfish and mackerel in large schools to keep the lines tight and keep everyone entertained.

This is my favorite time of the year to fish. If you want a snook or redfish of a lifetime or just to catch a ton of fish, then book today.

End of May early June

As we ease into the typical summer time pattern of warm muggy morning and afternoon thunderstorms the fishing is absolutely of fire. This is my favorite time of year for fishing. The winds stay calm and we have big high tides bringing a lot of water into the bay. This combination gives fishing charters access to the full arsenal of fishing spots from calm mornings to run offshore to high afternoon water to fish deep into the mangroves.

There are still a lot of tarpon around that are willing to eat a well placed crab or thread fin. Big snook and redfish have moved into their normal summer time haunts in order to breed. Additionally the offshore fishing has had quite the variety of species moving through from permit to king fish.

Inshore slams have been common and this is by far the best time of year to target the elusive inshore grand slam, that means a snook, redfish, trout, and tarpon on the same day. There are still openings in June. Book your trips soon and lets catch some big fish.